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Who Should Join DPG?

Dental Partners of Georgia, LLC was created to benefit all dental providers in Georgia.

  • The DPG/Henry Schein relationship makes joining DPG an easy choice for most dentists because the savings on supplies far exceed the cost of membership.

  • There are over 5,000 dentists in the state who are eligible to treat Medicaid recipients; yet less than 10% of dental providers treat over 85% of the patients. Every dentist has a stake in ensuring that fellow dentists who treat the majority of the Medicaid recipients are able to continue practicing.

If you are a provider for a high quantity of Medicaid patients…

  • DPG can assist you with the constantly changing managed care environment associated with the Medicaid CMOs.

  • Since Medicaid is the most significant payer for your practice, you likely encounter the administrative hassles and denials associated with seeing CMO patients. DPG can assist your practice by helping resolve issues with the CMOs and coordinating feedback to the CMOs regarding necessary process improvements.

If you are a provider who sees very few Medicaid patients…

  • DPG can help you support your colleagues that currently treat Medicaid patients so that they may continue to stay in business. It is in your best interest to ensure that those providers who predominately treat Medicaid patients be able to continue doing so. Otherwise the State may implement legislation that forces participation in Medicaid as a condition of participation in State plans (HB 89) or it will become a requirement for State licensure.

  • As stated above, DPG membership can significantly save your practice on the cost of supplies.

  • Ultimately, DPG’s goal will be to contract group arrangements with the commercial carriers as well.


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